Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bike Ride Report - DC Randonneurs Spinning Wheels 161k Populaire

Yesterday I rode the DC Randonneurs Spinning Wheels Populaire. It was 100 miles. I felt good at the end, even though there were monstrous climbs and headwinds.

It started in Thurmont. As usual, I drove out Friday night and slept in the back on the Element with the bike.

Away we go, just before 8:00 am.

The route heads north from Thurmont to Sabillasville on MD 550. This road follows a creek up into the mountains. There were a pair of ravens croaking at us along the way, and a dead fox on the side of the road. I didn't know there were ravens this far east, although I've seen them at Snicker's Gap in Virginia before.

In Pennsylvania, it's all rural, old towns. We went over this covered bridge south of Fairfield.

I stopped at the Round Barn. Inside it is a country gift shop with lots of preserves and gew-gaws.

Out back, there is a porta-potty, next to the goat shed.

Here's the map with elevation. The second half was pretty easy, but there was a monster climb about 30 miles in where I had to visit grandma.

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