Thursday, October 20, 2005

Squirrel 1 Monkey the Whippet 0

Monkey the Naughty Boy almost caught a squirrel this morning.There has been a natural selection type effect at work for the last couple years. He hasn't come close to a squirrel for many months. But today, there was a squirrel way out in the open, far from any tree. Monkey was right on it. He charged the squirrel, but he didn't over commit himself, he slowed down when he got close so he could see which way the squirrel was going to run.

The squirrel feinted, and then broke for the tree. It had no chance. Monkey was on top of it about five feet from the tree.

The squirrel stopped! Monkey ran right over the squirrel, and SMACK into the tree! He bounced off the tree, and tumbled in the grass. The squirrel bolted up the tree to safety.

Monkey limped around a little bit, but the only injury was to his pride, as you can see in the picture. If you look close, you will see his wrists have grass stains.

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