Monday, October 24, 2005

Invitation to Naughtyness - Custom US Postal Stamps

I see on the Yahoo home page that you can order official US Post Office stamps with the picture of your choice on them.

Now we know you are not allowed to send obscene material through the mail. But what if the stamp was obscene? What if you had a custom stamp made with, let's say, a picture of your penis?

Do you think that anyone checks the submitted photos? How closely do you think they check? What is the most obnoxious thing that you could slip by?

What would happen if you tried to get non-obscene images put on the stamp that were obnoxious and political? Say, like this one:

Or let's say you photoshopped up a picture of George W. Bush lighting a cross with some Klansmen.

Or George W. Bush dressed as a Nazi.

Or George W. Bush abusing some prisoners in Iraq.

I see a lot of work for the ACLU in the near future. I wonder what the USPS was thinking.

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Anonymous said...


Father and Son fishing when there are African Americans in the water after katrina hit?

what is wrong with this picture?

I might be all late to answer to this blog but for God sake we need this guy out of Office.

Are they seriously fishing during a time of crisis?????

Am i the only one thinking about this?
why did we impeach Clinton for?
doesnt it seem wrong for us to have impeached clinton when we have a President like George Bush ??

lol he's such a loser. To bad he isnt an alchoholic any more....NO MORE EXCUSES for his stupidity.