Thursday, October 20, 2005

eBay Success! No more Altima

The Al-TEE-ma is gone, bought by a guy named Farhad for $3101.

Farhad was super nice. We dropped the car off for him at a gas station where he appears to work on Annapolis Road by the city line. He seemed delighted with the Altima-it seems he had exactly the same car, down to the replacement battery and the dinged-up bumpers and 97000 miles, and his was totalled a couple weeks ago. He couldn't believe his luck to find an identical car on eBay. He was so happy, I felt bad about saying unkind things about the car in the description. I hope it runs forever for him.

He apologized for not coming by to look at it after the Ravens game Sunday, he said he was out on the bay and "we started getting hit by rocks". Debra and I were appalled that somebody was throwing rocks at him. He explained he meant the rockfish were biting. I gave him good eBay feedback.

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