Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bike Lane or Fed Ex Parking?

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day to ride my bike to work. As I was riding along the Trolley Lane, a police in a golf-cart like buggy pulled out behind me.

I was pretty happy about this, I figured there would be some enforcement of the NO STOPPING signs.

Right in front of the Pratt Street Pavillion, there was a car parked in the Trolley Lane. I stopped right behind him, and started fishing my camera out of the pannier. The police stopped right behind me, and tooted his horn. The car pulled away before I could get a picture.

Next was this Fed Ex truck.

There was nobody in the cab. The police went around it without doing anything.

Up the road aways was a cab illegally stopped in front of the ESPN Zone. The police pulled behind him and tooted his horn. The cab pulled away.

I wanted to stop the police and ask why he didn't write some tickets. Tooting the horn is not exactly a deterrent for next time. And as you can see, the Fed Ex truck is parked right next to a NO STOPPING sign. But the police golf cart buggy was nowhere to be found by the time I got to the ESPN Zone.

The real problem here is the police do not do any work.

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