Saturday, May 27, 2006

Friday's Trolley Lane Obstruction: Ride the Ducks

This monstrosity is DUKW amphibious landing vehicle from World War 2, fixed up to haul ignorant fat-asses around the harbor. Some moron in city hall gave them a permit to park in the trolley lane so nobody else can use it.

Here are the jerks who think making money hauling fat-asses around the Inner Harbor justifies denying use of the trolley lane to everyone else.


oknups said...
It would appear that Dolly Parton is to blame.

Cham said...

Oknups, Dolly is just a partner with HFE in regards to its expert management of "Dollywood", it doesn't seem like she has much to do with the bike path. It's too bad though, she seems like a nice lady and wouldn't want her name soiled in anything as awful as bike path obstruction.

However, HFE seems to be a kingpin in that horrible mess that is named Branson, MO and various other "pay here for your preplanned pre-prepared adventure that corporate America controls" type places. This company obviously caters to the fatass among us. You need to have a convenient launch site for them which is why you can't expect the Duck clientele to, maybe, cross a street or walk one or two blocks. They HAVE to operate smack in the middle of the Inner Harbor.

I am hoping one of two things that will happen,1) the city gets done with building the new park along Light Street and the ducks can move over there 2) People get tired of paying $25 for a 2 minute water/land ride and the concept goes out of vogue.