Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bike Lane or Loading Zone

Here is the state of the bike lane for yesterday, Monday May 1st.

In the morning it was all clear except for one delivery truck illegally unloading in front of the Pratt Street Pavillion. He appeared to be unloading seafood for Phillips.

Here is the pulloff where he should have been parked to unload. Look at all that room! And only 20 yards beyone where the bozo parked illegally.

The bozo.

But wait! There is a police officer with a bright orange vest that says TRAFFIC CONTROL standing in the middle of Light St! Maybe she can ticket the bozo.

It seems not. I pointed out the delivery truck that was blatantly illegally parked. She said "He's unloading. They always unload there." I pointed out that it's a NO STOPPING area, and there is a pulloff for deliveries just ahead. She talked into her radio awhile. She gave me a story that she called her lieutenant, who said I should call "parking control".

Do you think if a delivery truck illegally parked on Light St. that she would tell the obstructed motorists to call "parking control" while she's standing right there?

I persisted and asked "Am I not traffic? My way is being obstructed by an illegally parked truck." She then gave me a story that the sign behind me that said "No bikes or skateboards" applies to the Trolley Lane. Which is nonsense. It applies to the brick area by the Pratt and Light St. pavillions, and the promenade. This is what forces me to ride in the Trolley Lane.

She was one of two TRAFFIC CONTROL officers stationed at Pratt and Light. The other one wouldn't do anything about the delivery truck either.

In the evening it was all clear except for this tour bus in front of the ESPNZone, and one cab in front of the bus who fled before I could get a picture.


Cham said...

You are right that the truck was parked illegally and that you have a right as a cyclist to use the trolley lane. However, there is another side of the equation.

The traffic control officer can't leave her post in the middle of the street. If she leaves her post for even one millisecond, somebody is going to start illegally switching lanes in traffic and/or blocking the intersection. These infractions are often caused by tourists or city outsiders that think that their need to be at their jobs, or at their appointments trumps everyone else's need to get where they are going.

The only thing that prevents these jerks from gridlocking traffic is that wonderful nasty bitchy traffic control officer with the ticket book stuffed down her pants. God bless her soul. If she leaves her post the motorists get upset.

Anonymous said...

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