Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Letter to Sysco Food Service of Baltimore

Hi Sysco,

I ride my bike through the middle of downtown Baltimore every day. There is one safe and legal bike route through downtown, the "Trolley Lane". This morning the trolley lane was obstructed by one of your delivery trucks. It was illegally parked.

I took some pictures and posted them on my blog:

Note the first picture of your driver, who was flipping me off. He was completely contemptuous and sarcastic.

I am pretty appalled by this. I would like a response from Sysco. Is it your policy to park illegally when making deliveries? When there is a loading dock with plenty of room not 20 yards away?

Do you train your drivers to make obscene gestures to those who are unable to use the public right of way because of your illegal behavior?

This e-mail will also be posted to my blog, along with any response you make.

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