Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bike Ride Report - RAGBRAI Day 1 - Rock Rapids to Spencer, IA

Hello from Spencer, Iowa!

It was a tough day today. I'm no longer carrying my gear, it was flat, most of the time, the wind was across, and I was dragging. It was probably due to riding 90 miles loaded yesterday and skipping dinner. Today was only 80 miles, but I feel far more beat then yesterday.

Tomorrow is Century Day.

Back in Rock Rapids, we were camped across the street from Central Lyon High School. They have a cement lion in front. It's a landmark.

It's also anatomically correct.

I can't believe those bad boys haven't been painted fluorescent orange yet. What does Albert the Bull have on the Rock Rapids lion?

The first town was George, IA, which presented an excellent opportunity to address the nutritional deficit.

It's cherry. Would you believe they were out of rhubarb by 8:30 am?

This was just a holdover for the real breakfast. What could all these hundreds of people possibly be riding towards?

That's right! Mr. Pork Chop! He's alive and well, and a pork chop hot off the grill is *still* only $6.

That did me for 35 more miles, to the fabulous town of Hartley.

In the park, they had whole food court deal set up. I had a Garden of Eden smoothie and a brat and pie!

Strawberry-rhubarb, purchased for $1.50 from a church lady wearing mom jeans. Thus fueled, I got to camp by 2:30.

I got the tent set up, got hydrated, got showered, and pursued the Heffe-weisen electrolyte replenishment therapy until the spaghetti dinner opened up next door at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

And now I have nearly completed my last activity of the day other than beer, finding Internet access. The RAGBRAI special supplement showed the Iowa Telecom trailer was located just north of the Swine Barn in the fairgrounds.

Iowa Telecom is missing in action, so it's Quest for me. I'm glad we're camped next to the spaghetti dinner instead of the swine, for sure.

Raccoon, cat

Here's the MotionBased page.

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