Sunday, July 15, 2007

Max Doing Just Great With Dad

I have Max all to myself, from last Friday night until Wednesday. Debra had to go to New York to take care of her father, who is not well.

We've been having a great time. In the manner of he daily day care reports:

* Rode in Bike Trailer
* Played in Water Tub
* Ate Watermelon on Patio
* Had a Great Weekend

The real point of this entry is I have to crow about my brilliant mealtime innovation. It seems Max is a little guy, and the pediatrician had directed us to fatten him up. Butter on Everything!

The normal mealtime routine is we feed Max, and then we cook our dinner and eat it. While we eat, Max sits in his chair and eats Cheerios (actually Joe's O's from Trader Joe's). Most of the Cheerios end up on the floor or in the chair. He eats a couple, but he winds up sticking more to his shirt and face.

So I had an inspiration at the grocery yesterday, about what Max could eat while we eat, that would fatten him up, and be less likely to end up on the floor.

Here you go, Debra! Isn't it awesome?

Ramen noodles. He was totally occupied while I ate, no demanding to get out of the high chair, in fact he fell asleep in it and started snoring.

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