Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bike Ride Report - RAGBRAI Day 6 - Independence to Dyersville

Day 6 was short and sweet. It was only 60 miles, on an cool and drizzly day.

However, there was very bad news. It has been rumored, but today is was confirmed! Mr. Pork Chop is retiring! Front page news on the Des Moines Register! He's 78 years old. As a tribute, I filmed my pork chop and put it on YouTube:

The lines at Mr. Pork Chop were twice as long as usual today. All the signs along the road saying how many miles to Mr. Pork Chop had added retirement announcements. Every time he yelled "POOORK CHAAAAAAAAAAAP!" all the passing cyclists cheered.

Laura rode by a couple hours later and got a photo of him selling his very last pork chop. It wasn't to her, though, she missed out! It's best not to dawdle on the route.

Next to Mr. Pork Chop today was an operation where you could get a ride in an ultralight for $20. There are a lot of ultralights in Iowa.

Here is camp. We were next to the pool and a baseball field. There was also a community center building nearby with an all-you-can-eat fish fry for $8.00. It was tasty. I ate a lot. They said they had 1000 lbs of fish. I was pretty much done after that. I fell asleep, because I had big plans for the next day.

One last cool thing, walking back from the fish fry, I came upon this homebuilt trike in the group camped next to us:

Check out the steering - the headset is under the seat, and the bottom bracket and pedals are fixed to the front wheel assembly. It's like a Flevobike.

ROADKILL REPORT: Raccoon (decorated with party hat and mardi gras beads in the RAGBRAI tradition)

Here's the MotionBased page.

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