Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bike Ride Report - RAGBRAI Day 5 - Cedar Falls to Independence

Hello from Independence, Iowa, where it is very hot.

It was a really nice ride today, only 65 miles, through a bunch of Amish farms. We are camped in a city park.

It's supposed to storm tonight, and then be cooler tomorrow. So I'm not under any trees where branches might fall off and squash me like the poor guy in Sheldon two years ago.

I did Pastafari for lunch today, it was delicious.

I pretty much rode with Laura all day, but she faded in the heat, so I lost here after a smoothie stop here in Fairbank.

I'm stealing wifi from where we are camped, and as soon as Jim and Suzanne and Murray get cleaned up, we are going to eat. Laura set off for the movies hours ago.

Here is my laugh-out-loud moment. Sometimes stereotypes are real. I'm riding along and I'm coming up on two guys on recumbents. They are riding Sun EZ whatevers, which are heavy, slow, with big fat tires and big fat seats for big fat butts. The first one is ridden by a fat old guy. He has speakers hung from the back of the seat. He's playing polka music. The second one is ridden by a long-haired younger guy, with wispy facial hair. His seat has a homemade "Ron Paul for President" sign. Yah!

That's it for today. There were antique tractors, Amish guys stacking hay on wagons, and the guy with the sail on his trike pedaling into the headwind again.

Here's the MotionBased page.

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