Saturday, October 15, 2016

Coffeeneuring 2016 Ride 2 - McDonalds on US 1 in Elkridge, MD

Continuing my theme of "Commuting in the Route 1 Corridor", this week's coffee stop is the McDonalds on Route 1, near the intersection with Bonnie View Lane.

This is one hilly mile along Bonnie View Lane from my house, which probably not coincidentally is called "Bonniewood".

I went for the full McDonalds breakfast here, with a large coffee to have some left to fill my thermos for the rest of the ride to work. My coffee drink was "coffee". It was special because it had a bit of the flavor of dried up banana peel to it.

This stop at McDonalds only added .2 miles to my commute. Amenities for bikers include a wall you can lean your bike against. There is also a traffic light a half mile up the road, which will make an occasional break in traffic so you can scurry across Route 1.

I rarely eat at McDonalds, but when I do I like to eat at this one. Because of the sign below.

It seems when they put up the sign 15 years ago, the Burger King next door planted a baby pine tree in front of it. Then the pine tree grew up and nobody can see the McDonalds sign. So the McDonalds guys went to the county and said "Nobody can see our sign, we need to put up a giant 40 foot sign so drivers can see it all the way from the MD 100 exit two miles up the road."

Here in Elkridge, we have GECA, the Greater Elkridge Community Association. (I am the current president of GECA.) GECA put a stop to the giant sign right away. We want Route 1 to be scenic and lovely, not with 40 foot high McDonalds signs for freeway exits. 

Here is the scenic and lovely view across the street from McDonalds. The Terrace Motel there had a recent bit of notoriety related to this bit of news: 

What was that hotel the two men dressed as women had been partying at? You guessed it. The Terrace Motel. Yay Route 1.

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