Sunday, October 09, 2016

Seagull Century 2016

Here I am at the end of the Seagull Century. I am so happy because this is the first time I have done a century in less than 5 hours rolling time! 

4:59:29 to be exact. The clock time was 5:04.

Here is the sun rising over the start at Salisbury University. 

It was supposed to rain all day from the remnant fringes of Hurricane Matthew, but for me it was intermittent light rain, no biggie. Temperatures in the mid 60s, light wind from the northeast. Which was great because it was a tailwind on the last 40 miles.

Here is my first stop, which was the second rest stop on the ride. I had a Kind bar, which was the only thing I ate.

I'm riding the recumbent, a Reynolds Weld Lab Z-Bone. I just got new wheels on it, which are amazing.

This picture of the ocean is why my clock time wasn't under 5 hours.

But you have to take a picture of the ocean when you do the Seagull. I think it's a rule somewhere.

Pretty great day, I beat the heavy rain, and feel really good.
Here is the Strava Page.

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