Friday, July 26, 2019

RAGBRAI Day 5 - Centerville to Fairfield

After the 90 miles on the day before, Max and I were both feeling a little exhausted for the 65 miles for this day, which turned out to be more like 68. So we declared it to be a recovery day and we rode slow and took many breaks.

First, I had an iced coffee and Max had a smoothie in Bloomfield, after about 25 miles.

Then we stopped for a Kybo break and more smoothies in Troy, where we also got to sit under an awning and listen to the DJ play "A Boy Named Sue". Which Max did not enjoy.

But the next stop was the big score highlight of the day. Lebanon, Iowa, which is where two roads cross and an Amish family has a farm.

One of the many roadside bike shops was set up in the weedy field next to the barn.

Not expecting much, I asked them if they had a replacement for Max's failing obsolete Octalink bottom bracket for a triple crankset. Unbelievably, they did, NO PROBLEM. Spoken Wheel Cyclery. They Rock.

Here is the mechanic installing it on the spot.

Meanwhile, Max and I got some lunch, and what a fantastic lunch it was. Grilled chicken breast sandwiches, and peach pie a la mode with homemade ice cream, made right there behind the barn.

After I finished eating, I even got to go take a selfie with a horse. See what you are missing Abbie and Violet???

After our most excellent day of cycling, during which I no doubt gained 10 lbs, Jim and Murray and Max and I piled into Murray's car and we went afield to our favorite restaurant in Ottumwa, Iowa, 20 miles up the road. That would be the Tom Tom Tap in the Ottumwa hotel. Home of this amazing historic work of art.

You don't see murals like this anymore in hotel bars. Or anywhere else.

I've had dinner at the Ottumwa Hotel 4 times in the last 4 years doing RAGBRAI. Bloody Marys on happy hour special this time. SCORE SCORE SCORE SCORE MURRAY IS DRIVING.

This was a really great day of RAGBRAI. Excellent weather, all mechanical issues with Max's bike are fixed, and we are very well fueled.

Here is the Strava track.

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