Wednesday, September 23, 2020

GAP/C&O Day 1 - Pittsburgh to Connellsville

 I'm at the KOA a mile before Connellsville, 58 miles down the trail.

For just $18, I get to pitch my tent in the bike tourist area, take a shower, cook dinner and eat it on the picnic table, charge all devices from the outlets right by my tent, and connect to the Internet on fast wifi.


I rode by three primitive campsite with nothing but pit toilets, not even water, holding out for a campsites that would have cell coverage. Every time I rode by a primitive site, I mentally criticized myself for not staying at the beautiful primitive site because I want Internet. And feeling doom that I will end up at the Comfort Inn in Meyersdale. But I am now camped. And I get a shower. Win win win.

It was a late night last night for me, so I wasn't fast getting going in the morning, especially since it was really cold out. So I dawdled around until just before 10, and it turned out to be a super nice day, temps around 70, and sunny. 

(Picture of Pittsburgh)

My plan here is to do good social distancing, so I'm avoiding eating in restaurants, unless I think it's safe. Lunch was a score, at Rich's Parkside Inn, right next to the trail in Boston, PA, and picnic tables in the parking lot. I was the only person sitting out there.

My favorite restaurant on this part of the trail, The Trailside in West Newton, was crowded, tables on the outdoor balcony too close together, and I went by it too early for dinner, and too late for lunch. So not this time. 

So for dinner, I had a backpacker Beef Stroganoff meal I cooked at my campsite on my camp stove. It was delicious!

There are three families doing long distance bike tours in the campsite with me. Lots of good stories to share. The Campeur is getting much admiration.

Here is the Strava track for today:

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