Sunday, September 27, 2020

GAP/C&O Day 5 - Hancock to Brunswick

 Today started with the last 10 miles of sweet, smooth, paved Western Maryland Rail Trail. The WMRT end about 2 miles from Fort Frederick. I decided to ride on the road up a big hill and then through Fort Frederick, both to avoid bumpy towpath, and because Fort Frederick is cool.

Then it was back to the bumpy but scenic towpath. 

We planned to take a break in Williamsport, but they redid the viaduct and eliminated the footbridge across the canal. To go to Williamsport you have to ride a mile or so to a bridge (past the bridge you can see) and then backtrack.

We decided to take a break at the picnic table by the bridge. This is by a park with soccer fields, with many games going on (no masks), and right by were we were there was a dog owner get together with people without masks hanging out with dogs without masks.

We stopped an hour later at this hiker biker site right before Shepherdstown and ate the last of the pepperoni rolls.

At Shepherdstown, the most amazing think happened. The towpath became smooth. It has been resurfaced with this amazing fine gray crushed stone. It's almost as smooth as asphalt. Nearly 20 miles of wonderful smoothness. It was such easy riding that it took a really spectacular view to make me stop to take a picture. This is at Harpers Ferry.

We had 72 miles to cover today. But instead of 10 miles of paved rail trail, and 60 miles of rough towpath, we had only 40 miles of rough towpath! So we went much faster than expected and got in at 4:00 instead of 5:30 like I was thinking.

Jim is now done. His wife is coming to pick him up and they are going to a winery.

I am staying here at the Brunswick Family Campground in my tent, and eating a backpacker meal. Life is good.

Here is the Strava track:

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