Thursday, September 24, 2020

GAP/C&O Day 3 - Confluence to Cumberland

We are at the Fairfield Inn in Cumberland. It was another fantastic day of perfect weather and spectacular scenery.

Jim went Frostburg State College (now University. Jim: "I'm glad I didn't graduate from FU") 10 miles up the road, so we had to do a couple things for College Days Nostalgia purposes. 

First, we had to get some Pepperoni Rolls from Caporale's Bakery, which we will eat on the road for lunch in the wilds of Western Maryland where there are no restaurants. This was another mad rush because they close at 5:00 and we didn't realize this until we could connect to the Internet via the Fairfield Inn Wifi at 4:45.

Second, we had to get some Chili Dogs from Curtis' Famous Weiners. See Jim? He is happy because he is full of weiners.

(Yes, spellcheck has informed me that this culinary delicacy is spelled "wieners". I had to override it.)

Those are Pepperoni Rolls strapped to the back of my bike.

On the way back to the hotel, we grabbed some beer at the new brewery which is basically across the parking lot. Then did laundry. We are all set for the rest of the ride.

Usually when you leave Confluence, you cross the river on the bike trail on a railroad bridge. For whatever reason, we left this time on the regular road, and I realized you can still make out "Western Maryland Railway" painted on the bridge. 

I love to find these surviving signs of historical railroads.

Around 10:30, Jim had to take a work call. Which he did beside the trail.

Of course as soon as he is on the call, a train comes by. LOL.

While I'm waiting around, I noticed the really cool super-tiny mushrooms growing out of the top of a post.

Sometimes it is good to be forced to stop and notice things.

One scenic highlight of the day was the Salisbury Viaduct, right before Meyersdale. Here's the entrance.

And here a view from out on the start of it. It's 1700 feet long, and 100 feet above the valley below. It was built in 1911. No vertigo issues here. None at all. Nope.

Those windmills in the distance on on Big Savage Mountain. Cumberland is on the other side of that mountain. But no worries. We don't have to ride over the mountain. We ride through it!

Here's Jim approaching the entrance to the Big Savage Tunnel.

It's 3000 feet long. And when you get out of it, you see the panoramic view at the top of this post, and IT'S ALL DOWNHILL 22 MILES TO CUMBERLAND!!!!

There is no need to stop, and actually no need to even turn the pedals. You can coast the whole way. Unless of course there are women drinking beer on horseback blocking your way.

You don't see this on our local trails. Western Maryland is a special place. Hi ladies!

It's also worth stopping to take a picture of the "Lover's Leap" rocks just before Cumberland.

So here we are, done with the Great Allegheny Passage, at Mile 0.

And here is the campsite for tonight.

Here is the Strava page for today's ride. Check out the elevation profile!

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