Tuesday, September 29, 2020

GAP/C&O Day 7 - DC to Home

 Home now. I was really feeling it after the last day of the towpath. I was very sore from all the rough towpath surface. But after some coffee in my dubious DC hotel room, I was ready for the last day of riding.

I took a pretty meandering route home. Part of the reason was I wanted to see how fit I was for a regular day of bike touring on typically hilly roads, instead of the rough but flat towpath.

Another reason was to expand my "Big Square" on the Veloviewer site.

I'm now up to a 21x21 square! This is so exciting!

I basically went up to Olney, then on 108 across the Patuxent, then to Savage for a COVID test at the firehouse. Then to Cindy's Spirits to resupply tequila for the Ravens on Monday Night Football and grab and ice-cold shower beer to celebrate the end of the ride.

Lunch was some ceviche at a nice Mexican restaurant in Layhill, which had outdoor seating.

That's all the pictures, I was pretty bad at taking them today. I left DC on Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park, which was terrific. It's closed to motor vehicles due to the pandemic.

The final day was a bit over 50 miles, with 2800 feet of climb. I took a slow, easy pace. I felt good, finished strong, no problems.

Totals for the trip:
8 days 
445 miles
4 nights in hotels
3 nights camping

Here's the Strava track: https://www.strava.com/activities/4125185135


Jason said...

Love the shower beer, but it was at Cindy's? Or am I misunderstanding the timeline?

Jason said...

Thanks so much for sharing the adventure! This ride is on my bucket list for sure, although hopefully tubeless.

Drew Roth said...

The shower beer was at Cindy's before I bought it...