Tuesday, September 05, 2006

End of Summer Video Goldmine

In honor of the official Labor Day End Of Summer Weekend, here's a couple links to thematically appropriate videos on youtube:

1. Blotto - I Want to Be a Lifeguard. god I love the Internet. Sarge, Bowtie, Cheese and the rest. It used to be bands worked hard on their videos. If you look close, you will see there are no leaves on the trees in the background. That's because they filmed it in February at Lake George, NY. I saw Blotto. They did "I'm Turning into a Heavy Metal Head" and Sarge bit the head off a Cabbage Patch Kid. I was working for Coleco at the time. It was great.

2. The Slickee Boys - When I Go to the Beach. Ha ha haha ha.

You can't go believing people when they say 80's music was cheesy. What do they know. The lead singer for the Slickee Boys performed at our wedding. I just asked Debra, and she's never heard of the Slickee Boys. Hahahahaha.


Cham said...

That brings back memories of my Upstate New York days. I say Blotto too, probably 20-30 times. There isn't much to do in Albany.

Paul said...

It was April, actually. Congrats on Max! Anyplace we can play down there this summer? We're looking!

LH Blotto
Housatonic, MA

Drew Roth said...

Jeez, LH, I'm an old lamer now who can't stand breathing other people's cigarette smoke. I also can't stay awake after 11:00.

Anyway, we have Fletcher's in the city in Fells Point, and the Recher Theater in Towson, both of which I understand are booked by the 930 club in DC. There is also the old standby of the 8x10, which has resumed calling itself the 8x10, also in Baltimore.

Or you could look into the Bottle and Cork in Dewey Beach, DE. That would be appropriate...