Friday, September 22, 2006

The T-Bone is Revived

I finally got the T-Bone put back together tonight. It's been in the box since RAGBRAI.

I took it out of the box Tuesday, to discover that the imbeciles at my former favorite airline, Southwest, mashed the box so bad that they bent both disk brake rotors.

On the same trip, me flying home from Chicago, they sent my panniers to Boston, and blamed it on the TSA. Southwest is taking a big nosedive in competence.

The T-Bone is so cool. In addition to new rotors, I got a new heavy duty, indestructable Wipperman Connex stainless steel chain. You gotta love Speedgoat. The parts I ordered, even the obscure Rohloff rotor, were here in two days.


oknups said...

no other damage? I guess a rim (wheel) is more flexible than a rotor,when loaded in a manner not intended. glad the T-Bone frame did not get trashed. It can not be replaced.

Drew Roth said...

The T-Bone frame is amazingly indestructable. The problem is I put the wheels in so both rotors were on the side nearest the box wall. The rims were more towards the center of the box.