Sunday, September 17, 2006

Max Update - He's so cute.

We took Max out on an excursion to Babies R Us yesterday.

I had a lot of trepidation about this. Taking Max out was kind of inconsiderate and thoughtless. It seems Di, who has just become pregnant with twins, and her mother wanted to see Max, so we met them at the baby store. It was not nice of us to raise their expectations so. There is no possible way another baby could be as cute as Max, and we are just setting Di up for a big letdown.

Max and I hang out and bond in the mornings while Debra catches up on her sleep. I drink my coffee and fire up some bluegrass music on Internet radio. Max likes bluegrass. Then we sit and discuss the our plans for the day.

Max will go " ack , " and I'll say, "No, The Boob is upstairs getting some sleep." Then he will zonk out.

"The Boob"

When it's just us guys, we refer to Debra as "The Boob".

I discovered why Max always screams his head off when you take his pants off to change him. It's because The Boob whacks his nads around with the baby wipe. I had to explain to her what she was doing there. Fathers are important.

Max also got some presents in the mail from some of his tasteful but ornery friends. All presents included squeaky toys. This is a recipe for conflict. There was a duck bib with an embedded squeaky toy. I see Monkey dragging him along the floor by his bib, squeaking the squeaky toy as Max bounces along behind. Then there is the other present which is a squeaky plush elephant doll and a "Monkey Business" T-shirt. Monkey likes Max. He gives him a kiss every time he's sitting on my lap.

Here's today's montage. He is nine days old.


oknups said...

When is his first burger nite?

Drew Roth said...

Week after next? The Boob is going to ask the pediatrician tomorrow when it will be OK.

How was the civil war century?

oknups said...

The ride was quite interesting. 3 flats, shifting problems, (now resolved) I bailed at the 65 mile or so mark as it was late and I was real close to the B&B in Cascade I was staying in. I did about 85 miles including the ride to the ride, rode down rt 16 to Emmitsburg and on to Thurmont in the dark and fog and nearly dumped the bent doing 30+. Did not take 550 which would have been way shorter due to construction and road debris I saw on the way up.
I did all the climbs up to the second rest stop in third gear, could not get the two low ones to work. Walked part of one of the bigger hills, legs were shot.
I think I would have done much better if I was more comfortable on the VK HI. As it is its scary fast downhill and real scary quick on the steering. A zero rake fork and a 1175 mm wheelbase will do that.
I expected a reynolds fork with a bit of rake. I still really like the beast. Just need to get used to it.

There was a dfer from CA at the Cascade Inn where I stayed, his impression was that it was the hardest century that he has done. Hard steep climbs, " like a roller coaster" is what he said. So I guess I do not feel too bad about bailing at 65 after the bike troubles I had. THe Cascade Inn is very nice.

There was one hill right after a turn onto Milt Summers Rd, I thought for a moment no way can I ride DOWN that hill. Do you know that one?

Seagull this year? Yes no maybe?

Drew Roth said...

I'm on the fence on the Seagull.

You can camp for cheap at the Salvation Army, and it's not crowded.

What kind of stem does the VK-Hi take? I have a carbon fork with a 1" threaded steerer that came with the T-Bone you can try.

Were there any other recumbents on the Civil War Century?

oknups said...

I started late after 9:00, and saw one women on a Tour easy I think. She did not go on the century. Total bent sightings, one in the back of a pickup truck in Boonesboro.
The stem is weird, the steerer goes through the headset like normal, than through a Ringo Star (USE makes it) than a riser tube through the Ringo, with a tube clamp on top of the whole mess. It is 1". I do not think it would matter if it was threaded or not, the riser tube is clamped to the steerer, and the ringo pushes down on the headset. I might take you up on the offer.

Anonymous said...

okay I refuse to take responsibility for Max's outing to the Babies R Us.. I was told you were going against the baby nurses' advise and taking him out anyway..

and why are you guys having a conversation here in the comment section.. can't you email each other?