Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy home with Max and Monkey

After spending quite some time hanging on The Boob, Max spent a nice long while sleeping on my lap this evening. I discovered if you sit Max on Monkey, Monkey's breathing and warmth settles Max right down.

Here is one with me in it.

I am in need of a shower because I rode my bike home from work with a bonus lap around BWI. This is the first time I've ridden my bike since I got back from RAGBRAI six weeks ago. Some dude named Scott put out an invitation on Bentrider to do a lap around BWI, and Steve and I took him up on it.

I got to check out Steve's way cool new Velokraft VK-HI. I took it on a spin around the parking lot at the BWI observation area. This bike has basically the same geometry as my T-Bone, but it's carbon. It weighs 21 lbs, which is 7 less than the T-Bone when it's set up for speed. My Royale is about 23 lbs. If you took off the Dual Drive hub and the Rotor cranks, it would be in the same ballpark as the VK-HI, but not as fast due to the 20" wheels limiting the top gear.

I had a tough time with the steering on the VK-HI. I'm not sure I can deal with the handlebars that high. I am very envious of this bike, and I think it could be outrageously fast once the steering is sorted out.

Here is a picture from Sunday after I got home from cleaning stuff out at Fleet St. (reality: watching the Ravens at the Gin Mill). Max and I look just alike.

Max went to the pediatrician today. He is supposed to be back to his birth weight of 6 lbs 1.2 oz when he is two weeks old. Today he is 10 days old and 6 lbs even, which is just fine. He also is an inch taller and his head is 1 cm bigger around. However, The Boob confessed that she was giving Max formula when Max was still hungry and she was tapped out, and now she has to go to the Lactation Consultant.


oknups said...

Great shoot, two boys and a dog.
Fun ride.
Got a baby carrier yet? Like a Kelty wallabe.

Drew Roth said...

I do have a baby carrier. Some friends of ours who aren't having more kids gave us a couple slings. The kind of look like a toga or an Indian woman's dress.

I was looking at Dana's site to contemplate your steering options, and I saw he had a closeout sale on Burley Solos, so I ordered one.