Sunday, September 25, 2005

Bike Ride Report - DC Randonneurs Fall 200k

I rode a 200k Brevet yesterday in Virginia. It had 6860 feet of climb. I kicked butt, but it looks like the butt-kicking went the other way right after I finished.

The privacy curtains for Debra's new Element arrived this week. Here is the camp scene before bed the night before. I just parked on the street by the start point.

This is Ron, another recumbent rider and T-Bone owner, who did the ride. Ron and I often exchange e-mails. This is the first time we've met. Ron kept flying by me at insane speeds on all the downhills. This is right before the ride started, at 7:00 am. It was overcast so it wasn't very light out yet.

Uh-oh, there everyone goes! Enough chit-chat!

I was on a mission during the ride, and didn't take any pictures. However, Ron did, and he e-mailed me this one to put on the blog:

It was a gray, overcast day, about 70 degrees out. The scenery was excellent as always. Starting in Warrenton, VA, we crossed the Blue Ridge on 55, then rode along the Shenandoah River, then west through historic towns. On top of the ridge, we turned north into West Virginia for a bit. Then it was back down over the Shenandoah, and up a long climb over Snicker's Gap to Bluemont. The return was through giant horse farm estates with stone fences around The Plains. Coming back into Warrenton, we had to go through some short, steep valleys. One last attempt to make your legs fall off. It took me 8:30, average rolling speed was 15.9 mph.

I rode the Cobrabikes Royale, it was flawless, and climbs like a mountain goat.

The map with elevation is over on my web site.

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