Thursday, September 08, 2005

Top ten reasons I love Bush

10. Reminds me of the beer by the same name - leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and the next day you wake up feeling like you got beat up.
9. Sends Congolesa Rice, the PHD educated cold war specialist Secretary of State to review the Gulf hurrican damage. Maybe he got the wrong Gulf.
8. Repub. Gov and Mayor in New York get unprecedented federal immediate response. Miss and Ala Repub governors get a visit. Louisian, with a dem gov, and New Orleans, with a dem mayor, get an Air Force One fly over. I think he was waiving with all his fingers.
7. Thank God he stayed at the ranch on vacaation two days after the hurrican hit. Without Cheney to tell him what do do, one can only imagine how much worse it would have been.
6. Love the praise for the FEMA director- can't wait t'ill those "support our FEMA troops" magnetic ribbons start appearing.
5. He tells a woman who asks for aid to try the salvation army store - which of course was destroyed by the hurricane. Nice to see that charity mentioned by someone other than a bell rining Santa.
4. Says his administration will investigate what went right and what went wrong with the response to Katrina. Translation: they need some time to "swift boat" what went wrong into what when right.
3. Billions for a Homeland Security Department that's supposed to respond right away to unforseen threats or disasters - yet that Department can't respond right away to a hurricane that anyone with a TV set knew for a week was headed for New Orleans.
2. Doubt we really want the rebuilding of the Gulf coast broung to you by the Admnistration that gave us Iraq. Hope Haliburton employees will not doubt like this Gulf more than the Persian one.

And the number 1 top ten reason I love Bush:

1. The effort being made to keep reporters and cameramen from showing the dead, to "protect the families." I'm sure those families deeply appreciate the fact that their loved ones' sacrifices are not made public. Besides, showing the dead is a realy downer, because it reminds us that incompetence, neglect - and yes war - have a horrific cost. Showing these pictures is like the guy at the college toga party who goes around the room reminding everyone that it's going to be hell cleaning up the mess.



Anonymous said...

Re: #9, people were complaining that Rice was at a Broadway play rather than worrying about the hurricane's effects with the rest of the cabinet and now you're complaining that she was worrying about the hurricane's effects. Could anything she might have done in the aftermath of the hurricane be correct?

Drew Roth said...

"People" were complaining about one thing. Jim was complaining about another thing.

For anything one might do, you can find someone to complain about it.

If your thinking is this sloppy, you should really go back to listening to Rush.

Anonymous said...

"People" and Jim are on the same side of the argument. Neither of them were happy with what Rice was doing even though one of things she was doing was engaging in hurricane relief and one was not. Would Jim have been happier about her actions if Rice was at a broadway play? I don't know Jim and have no clue how he thinks, but I seriously doubt it. Are "People" happy now that Rice is in the gulf? Of course not. It's too little too late. What would Rice have to do to make either of them happy? I contend there is nothing.

I don't need to listen to Rush. I can form my own opinions, as little as you might appreciate someone with a different point of view than yours. Nice dig at me too, by the way. I fear you.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I considered trying to address your list, but it seems that you have some kind of mental filter that gives you an anti-bush bias. I doub't that there is any evidence that could change your state of mind.

While I'm not 100% in agreement with his leadership I do try to look at individual issues and come to informed opinions.