Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Evil House of Spirits 3

Everyone is invited to come and watch!
(You have to receive a subpoena to testify.)

You would think that with a liquor board hearing only two weeks away, that I would not come home to find Mr. Cleveland sitting in his usual spot across the street from the EHOS in a state of advanced intoxication.

With an open bottle next to him.

The EHOS guys are always glad to see me taking pictures. I wish I had held the camera more steady. He's flipping me off.

I went up to the park and walked the dog. On my way up, I called the police to report Mr. Cleveland and his open container. On my way back from the park, I hung out on the corner waiting for the police to arrive. Mr. Cleveland and the EHOS guys started ranting at me. Mr. Cleveland picked up his bottle and started to walk away.

The police did a great job. The arrived promptly, before Mr. Cleveland could make it half a block, and hauled him off.

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