Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Evil House of Spirits 4

Two police officers came to visit me tonight. They were called by this guy, who complained that I had taken his picture and put it on the web without his permission.

I said, that is in fact the case. It's not against the law. The policeman said he was pretty sure it was against the law, and the guy was unhappy about it.

I said, I'm sure the guy is unhappy, but that is because his family liquor store is getting hauled before the liquor board tomorrow for selling alcohol to drunks, and this is his final attempt at intimidation so I don't testify.

I told the police officer that I would be glad to take the picture down if I was breaking a law. He called back to his supervisor, and determined that it is not against the law.

I should hope not. It's called the right of free speech. This is America. By exercising my right of free speech concerning liquor stores selling alcohol to drunks who then pass out on the sidewalk, I am helping law enforcement and making my community a better place.

The police were nice. One of them had taken the complaint when Debra was a victim of identity theft a couple months ago, and he did a great job then. He asked what happened with the identity theft case: the perpetrator is in jail in part due to his good work.

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