Saturday, June 17, 2017

Ohio Tour 2017 Day 0 - Getting there - Home to DC Union Station

It's the first day of summer vacation, and Max's time in elementary school has come to an end. So we are going to ride our bikes across Ohio, from Lake Erie to Cincinnati, on the Ohio to Erie Trail (OTET). 

is not sure about this. Don't worry, it will be great.

The bikes are all packed and ready, and we were on the road around 8:00 AM. I'm riding my blingy Velo Orange Campeur, Max is riding the 2002 vintage Trek 2000 WSD that formerly belonged to his mom. I have all our clothes and camping gear loaded on there.

It's 40 miles to DC Union Station and 1500 feet of climb, almost all of which is in the first half of the ride. We are going on regular roads, on a regular morning, not a weekend with no traffic. This was no problem for Max, he is a very confident rider. Here he is taking a break at the 7-11 on Guilford Road by the intersection with Dorsey Run road. Note to CAN - Max was not bothered in the least by Coca-Cola Drive, Race Road, 175, the Swirly of Death on NBP, Guilford Road, the Dorsey Run bridge over 32, or Brock Bridge Road. Not that I would let him ride this alone or anything.

We made it to Union Station around 1:30, via the Pain Branch/Northeast/Branch/Anacostia trail and the C Street bike lane. This was very easy, there are lots of signs directing you to the train station like they totally mean for us to do this.

After a delicious lunch at Bojangles downstairs, it's nap time until the train comes.

The train is #29, the Capitol Limited. It goes to Chicago via Pittsburgh and Cleveland. The two of us got a sleeper compartment for $400, which is a great deal compared to flying, since in addition to travel, you get a room for the night, and dinner, and the bikes go in the baggage car on bike hangers and you don't have to take them apart or box them. 

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Deb Cooley said...

Max is a beast! Super impressive!!! Because of him, I'll have to get over my trepidation over Coca Cola Blvd.