Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ohio Tour 2017 Day 3 - Millersburg to Mt Vernon

The boy is very nonchalant after knocking out 40 surprisingly tough miles.

This is in Mt Vernon, where the trail literally runs alongside our Comfort Inn, with pool and hot tub and air conditioning. It has been threatening thunderstorms all day, but they have all missed us. The next chance for a thunderstorm is 10:00.

In theory, today was supposed to be all rail trail, however, there is this 13 mile stretch where the rail trail isn't actually finished so you get to go on the very rural county roads. This section on the roads starts out with an absolutely brutal 13% climb up on to a ridge, and then 10 miles of ups and downs until you come down off the ridge. There is 900 feet of climb in 9 miles, which makes for one very irritable boy, who rode it with no problems nonetheless.

 The upside of the ride on the back roads is this company that makes cement statuary for your home, including this magnificent life-size Sasquatch.

When you finally get back on the rail trail, you get to go over the "Bridge of Dreams", which is this very cool replica covered bridge built on the original steel railroad bridge.

Covered bridges are really cool.

Max took this picture from the middle of the bridge. 

A few miles later, maybe in Danville, there is this old mill next to the trail and a road that passes over the stone arch.

It was a really nice ride. We were in at noon, then we ate pizza and soaked in the hot tub. Nothing is open on Sunday night in Mt. Vernon, so we had really bad Mexican food, which was the only choice.

Here is the Strava track.

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