Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ohio Tour Day 7 - to the Ohio River, then Back to Amy's

Max and I took the day off on Friday, since it rained all day. (Actually I got in 20 miles around the neighborhood when the showers stopped mid-day).

Saturday was my dad's 80th birthday party. Max and I rode to the Ohio River on Saturday morning before the party to finish up the cross-state tour.

We got there on the south part of the Little Miami Trail, which was really nice.

Here we are taking a break. No need for panniers today, I can leave my camping gear at Amy's.

For the ride back, we went through urban neighborhoods on bike lanes. Cincinnati has a lot of brutal climbs to get out of the Ohio River valley, but the route we took was really nice. Basically Delta to Erie to the neighborhood of Madisonville, then Stewart to Blue Ash. Very easy climb, and lots of interesting old houses.

I was pretty bad about taking pictures during the party. Just pretend there are pictures here of a bunch of people who sort of look like me. They are sitting around Amy's back yard under a big party tent, drinking beer, and playing cornhole. Your imagination is probably better than the pictures would have been.

Here are a couple of the more interesting things to eat from the party.

Dayton has lots of local famous food brands besides Marion's Piazza. There are Mikesells Potato chips, and Esther Price chocolates. So what did they make to demonstrate that it is undeniably great in Dayton?

Yep. Chocolate covered potato chips. Mikesells dipped in Esther Price. The people from Kirchmeyr and Utz are going to be kicking themselves when they hear about this.

Next, we move over to the beverages. This is homemade wine made by my dad's brother Tom. Uncle Tom is 89. "Pond Creek's Finest". The wine is pink and fizzy.

Yes that is a Jaegermeister bottle that the wine is in.

So the cross-Ohio bike ride was a great success! I love small Ohio towns, and the rural Ohio landscape, and the Ohio to Erie Trail serves this up in abundance. I would definitely do it again.

Max gets more and more confident on the bike, and is learning how to fuel and pace himself when touring. We are ready for RAGBAI.

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