Monday, June 19, 2017

Ohio Tour Day 4 - Mt. Vernon to Columbus

Here we are in the lobby of the Red Roof Inn Plus+ in downtown Columbus. We just rode 53 miles of beautiful paved bike trail and back roads on a perfect day.

What you can't tell in the picture is Max is totally running on fumes at this point because all he ate was continental breakfast at last night's motel and two donuts, which is not enough for 53 miles. Total meltdown imminent. They need more places to eat on this trail. We averaged over 11 mph though, which is really amazing.

Here we are at the halfway point in the town square in Sunbury Ohio. Max is looking on the phone to see where there is a place to get a snack.

Since this is Ohio....

The tasty delicious donuts were right across the square. So yummy. So much sugar. Which is burned off completely in the next 25 miles leaving nothing in the tank.

Max refused to have anything to do with this photo, which is a shame. "You can catch up when you are done, Dad."

We got some free air at a really nice bike shop in Westerville. They are a Bianchi dealer. They sell celeste colored tires. Seriously. Now I think the Cycle Mill is lame because they don't sell celeste colored tires. (just kidding)

Lunch was two blocks over at a Max and Irma's. When Max is in full bonk, don't tell him that there will be a big old woman there named Irma who will start kissing and hugging him because he is named Max. Dinner a couple more blocks past that where we ate all the pasta we could stuff into ourselves. It's a big day tomorrow.

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