Friday, June 23, 2017

Ohio Tour Day 6 - Bellbrook to Montgomery

Max and I are at my sister Amy's, after a nice 46 mile ride. About 30 miles of this was on the very scenic and wonderful Little Miami Trail, which is a rail trail. Here we are taking a break in South Lebanon, OH.

It was pretty hilly getting to and from the trail. From Bellbrook, you have a choice of going along Sugar Creek to the Little Miami, which is relatively flat, or going directly over big steep hills, which is 5 miles shorter. Max chose 5 miles shorter, and then complained about the hills (11% on Waynesville Road...).
There is a big ugly climb getting out of the valley to get to Amy's too. That is the nature of Cincinnati.

We went to the grocery the day before, and ate from the snack bag all day. Services are pretty sparse in the morning until you get close to Cincinnati.

Here is Amy's new dining room table.

My dad made the table, from wood we sawed at my house a couple years ago. It's solid oak.

Here is the Strava track.

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