Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ohio Tour 2017 - More on Millersburg

Millersburg Ohio, population 3000, still has an actual functioning downtown (even though there is a commercial strip with a Wal-Mart two miles down the road) which includes a real hotel! 

The Hotel Millersburg has been in continuous operation since 1847. I love old hotels, and so this is where we are. It has all the things a hotel should have, such as a restaurant and meeting rooms and a bar with cocktails.

It also has lots of art on the walls which makes me miss Haussners.

They have a patio in the back with live entertainment, so after our tasty steak dinner in the hotel tavern, Max and I went back there to check it out. This trio is "Tequila Mary".

We could see them setting up through the window while we were eating dinner. Max was very curious about this and we were trying to guess what they would be like. I said with a name like Tequila Mary, they probably were Mexicans, and they were going to play Mariachi music. I sent Max out to see if they had any giant hats. He went to look and reported that there were no sombreros to be seen and it probably was not going to be a Mariachi band. He was relieved.

It turns out they played all my favorite country songs.

This was a pretty great episode of bike touring serendipity. Hank, Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Rose Maddox, it was cool. I definitely feel like I'm coming home to Ohio.

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