Monday, September 26, 2005

Evil House of Spirits 6?

This morning I came out to find a flat tire on Debra's brand new Element!

It looks like a screw became embedded in the tire. The smudge around the screw suggests that the Element was driven for awhile with the screw before the tire became flat.

I drove the Element to work Friday morining, and from there to Virginia to do a bike ride. I drove 60 miles back to home on Saturday afternoon. Then Debra drove it to the grocery on Sunday afternoon.

Maybe one of us ran over the screw. Or maybe somebody screwed the screw into the tire on Saturday night so that it would eventually puncture the tire after we started driving.

It's probably just a coincidence that I testified to the liquor board about the House of Spirits Thursday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

mr drew i think u might be over reacting see i live in your nieghborhood too and they (the house of spirits) dont cause trouble for anyone except you they always lend a helping hand to people in need im afraid to put my real name because u like to use ur camera alot plus people in the nieghborhood feel that u give off a creepy vibe. the kinda feeling u get when you see an old man at chucky cheese by himself staring at the children. also u remind us of neil young minus the talent and finnally grow up

Drew Roth said...

Fact 1: I testified against the EHOS.
Fact 2: Two days later there is a screw in my wife's tire.

The reader is free to draw whatever connection they want between these facts. They are probably just a coincidence. Maybe not, though. Maybe a witness will read the blog and send me an e-mail. You never know.

Neil Young is cool.

Anonymous said...

i think you need to check yourself into a Mental Ward... Your paranoid about what??? You think that the so Called "EHOS" guys did that to your car>?? Are you serious....They have a business to run/////// i read all your blogs and if the real MEN of the Neighborhood at the Liqour store wanted to get you back, it would be more than a screw in your tire..From word around town ... you cost them about 1,000 dollars, for NOTHING... also a screw in the tire costs about 40 dollars to fix... but what YOU NEED is//// A ASS kicking...Picture that!!! THATS PRICELESS... lol

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahah lol,
get a life you are such DOOSH BAG.....paranoid ,a screw in the tire??????? you need a screw in your ass lol

Allen said...

A $1000 sounds pretty light to me for the damage the EHOS is doing to the neighborhood. Hopefully it will make them think twice about letting drunks hang around.

Anonymous said...

neil young is cool not u

this notes for u

Anonymous said...

ALLEN /Drew.... we all know that you guys are whiteBred americans that have no Heart... Grow balls and say that to one of those "Ehos" dudes... i bet they would jam a fist in your face. also... i have a short Peom or Rap as the Urban Culture might call it.
(Note: This peom is towards, racists and NOT ALL White People.)

Picture Life with-out change..
A singer without a Stage
A book without a single page.
Is it hard to Picture that?
Yea its hard,,, As for the other
Racists, with hate Claims, its easy, they dont want change
White Judges, White Cops
in the end for us its White chalk
they outline a body every hour.
The city riddled with hate
crime, drugs, sex, now Picture Rape
NOW Focus as i take you Indepth to a life of stress... Twenty-three double O... isnt the place of Mess. Its east Baltimore... where u gotta wear your Level 3 vest. Take your time and see whats the meaning of Real Poverty. You wanna make change?? You wanna make a Difference?? Then aim your Objectives to the right place.. The source of all HATE. Are you afraid? Afraid of Change? Maybe?
Look deep inside of Yourself. and you might find the Answer. MAYBE?

Drew Roth said...

Damn the Pusher Man.

Anonymous said...

? what? "Pusher Man"??

I would watch what you say or Your BLOG WILL be over run by
"Pusher Men" .....Understood Racist.


"no HEART"
see you know what? You like Messing with people that had a hard START. You have a life as a White Boy with sweet dreams 'N' best WISH'S but what about People who had to start off by washing DISH'S?
Obviously you wouldnt know about that because your were born with a silver spoon in your MOUTH. Ask your self why it took so long to get Help after Katrina Hit down SOUTH?. Hmm... Hmmm....Maybe because You and the Millions like you are just 2 good to make a Move.
But in this World , what do u have? Nothing but your Manhood to PROVE. Instead of Riding your back-Breaking Bike or shall i say, Leading a Back-Biting Life. Maybe you could figure out a way to stop harrassing a Liquor STORE and become a Man and not a WHORE.
Well thats just my Opinion, You may ride your bike all your life up and down east COAST.... while people search for answers about why your KIND droped the ball.

Hey.... like i said... Its my Opinion and i believe im entitled to what i believe. If You dont like it, 2 Bad.... Life is 2-Short and with you around 2 Sad. FOOL.

Shame-full how some Neighbors are isnt it?

P.s Jesus said
"Love thy Neighbor"

Maybe you arent a REAL christian? Or maybe Muslums are the actual Pious Ones on Earth? Maybe?


Drew Roth said...

I'll leave the poetry to the pros.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me.... for one moment....

Isnt it Ironic that a White RACIST like you, would listen to Public Enemy ?? How can you listen to that group knowing that everything they rap about is about racism, Racial Violence and GHETTO life? Why would you listen to them for?

Quote From:

Anonymous said...
"My dear Mr. Drew, I'm your friend because I adore Money and now that I've moved back to white bread America (from whence I came),
However, I don't miss the Evil House of Spirits."
"Ever since 9/11 during which time I observed delight in the EVHOS (they have a satellite with Al Jazeerah civerage) I've wondered if they were some cell. That I was never able to ascertain". Anonymous says.

This quote was pulled from "Evil House of Spirits 1" . Thus Proving that you and all your Friends hate these Hard Working Guys for Reasons other than "serving to an Intoxicated Person". It obvious that you have a Very personal Issue that needs to be looked into . Also proving that HOUSE OF SPIRITS is innocent would be for this 1 Reason : How do You get Intoxicated without a Drink First>? So either way they sold to him before he was intoxicated. You must drink to become Drunk. So in the end your case seems fruit-less and the Vail has been removed on your Racist Plot, to Dirty There (House of Spirits)Credibility.

They the House of Spirits have been in this Neighborhood for more than 28 years. How long have you been on fleet street for? And if you dont know, the Guys at house of Spirits have kind Hearts and help every person they know and dont know.

Im Anonymous for good reasons. Because of stalkers like this guy Mr.Drew

Drew Roth said...

When confronted with a paradox, examine your premises.

Anonymous said...

LoL... When confronted with a Paradox such as your Argument,
Your absolutly correct.... examine your premises before your Premises Examines You. lol

Oh ya... one quick thing...
Word round town is that You pussed out. is that True? lol Puss boy lol

P.s Your PC viral Attacks are so Old... that i used to send them Back in the days of 21 Jump Street.

Haaahaaa haaa lol

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous
Mr Drew never said anything about
after 9/11 and House of SPirits being a cell, SOMEONE else did. AND just like your ranting comments are not deleted, those comments (you are commenting on) were not either. Give Mr Drew a Break. He is letting everyone comment. I grew up in an alhcolic family, this is a disease, and it involves real people, treat it as such and be more reponsible, THAT is all a lot of us are asking if you want to know.

Anonymous said...

I understand the Issues that arise due when living with an alcoholic. I am close friends with those guys...and I for a Fact Know that House of Spirits are looking for a way Out of selling Alcohol. As you May or may Not know it is Morally and Religiously Wrong to serve alcohol in Muslim People's standards. But they have been delt a Card of this type of business to feed there family... See if you dont know the whole story about Peoples lives , dont comment acting like No one has feelings to.
Everyone is looking for a Better Life. EVERYONE, even house of spirits .... so attacking them and harrassing them and taking bread of there table isnt going to help. Drews actions were uncalled for... no mattter what... if Drew had a Problem, he should have came over in the first place and settled it like REAL men do. I will bet a Million dollars saying that if Drew would have used his some-what well concerned Emotions and Thoughts and directed them towards House of spirits, they would have been glad to accomodate him.

Its just that people today seem to want to take things in there own way instead of being Men and TALKING it out.