Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 0 - Little Rock

We rode 7 miles to the Legacy Hotel, which is a real hotel. Our bikes are stashed in the back of the ballroom.

We can see the state Capitol right down the street.

Some rent-a-cop came out and demanded to inspect my picture, and to make sure my iPhone was not a measuring device that could determine the distance between a hypothetical truck bomb and the federal building where he was working.

We are right across the street from a giant courthouse.

Jim thinks they had to build this courthouse to handle the business from the Clinton years.

There are hyacinths growin along the chain link fence surrounding the parking lot next door.

We are only 5 miles from the airport, nut we rode 7 miles because Jim forgot his laptop charger, and we had to go to Best Buy. Here is what the Googly maps thinks is a Best Buy.

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