Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 2 - West Helena, AR

I am at the Mexican restaurant drinking a Dos Equis, the beer of two gringo horses. The don't have a liquor license, so there will me no electrolyte replenisment therapy (Margaritas). I find it hard to believe they turn down anyone for liquor licenses in Helena, which is not exactly a shining beacon of prosperity.

I'd have to say, now that we've nearly ridden all the way across Arkansas, that this is one of the most dilapidated, beat-down states ever. But all the people are super friendly. Unintellegible, for sure, but the nicest people. Both races are equally unintellegible.

We are both wiped out. This is because we are out of shape. We did 76 flat miles in 7:34. The roads were not smooth, it was cold, and there were headwinds, but still.

We've done well on food today. Breakfast was at a dive next to the grain elevators in Stuttgart, the Rice and Duck Capital of the World. (Somewhere on the Eastern Shore there are probably a bunch of town thinking "Darn, if we only had some rice.")

In De Witt, we ate lunch at a nice cafe on the square with the gloomy and draery courthouse.

The cafe was very nice and cheery. I was dragging badly after lunch, but after about an hour the food kicked in, and I finished the last 30 miles strong.

Dinner has arrived.

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