Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 3 - Getting to Clarksdale

Clarksdale was a blast, but getting there was an adventure. This is because Helena, Arkansas is a desolate, abandoned wasteland. It was foggy in the morning, and I found a restaurant in downtown Helena, the "Roadkill Grill", that opened at 10 on Sundays.

So we loafer around the 6 until the fog lifted and rode the 7 miles to downtown. We sure were hungry when we got there. Here's the Roadkill Grill:

It's as deserted as the rest of Helena. Ninety percent of Helena appears to be vacant. There was only one miserable option for food. Across the river in Mississippi.

It's the buffet at the Isle of Capri Casino and Resort Hotel. A slots barn in a cotton field next to the levee.

We had to wait a half hour for it to open, then stand in line for a half hour to get the food. All while breathing cigarette smoke.

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