Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 4 - Greenville, MS

78 miles in just under 7 hours. The forecast said high near 70 and partly cloudy, but it never got over 60 and the sun never came out. It's because I bought sun block. They were right about the modest tailwind.

We had breakfast at the Rat recommended Haven's Rest, a regular diner run by Lebanese folks. I hammered out 40 miles to Rosedale, and then spent an hour waiting for Jim here at Williams' Fast Food.

This is the only restaurant open in Rosedale on Mondays. It's you basic grill with the local African-American youth playing pool and fighting in the back room. The couple that run the place are really nice and the burgers hit the spot.

I felt really good today, and I spent much of the day cruising on the flat, smooth road between 14-15 mph. Never waste a tailwind. I only took a picture of two sights.

This is an Indian mound. It's 1000 years old. It's blurry because the camera is all sweaty because I was feeling especially good today.

This is the crack in the road coming in to Greenville where Debra got her tire caught and wrecked and broke her arm 7 years ago when we tried to ride from Memphis to New Orleans.

The Crack is the same as it was 7 years ago. It may even be bigger. It certainly has not been repaired.

The highlight of the day was dinner.

The original Doe's Eat Place. It's a cinder block building. You enter through the kitchen. You eat at picnic tables with plastic tablecloths. The plates and silverware don't match. It's been there since 1947.

And it has the best steak anywhere.

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