Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 9 - New Orleans, LA!

It's great to be in New Orleans, bet very sad to be done with the bike ride.

While Jim rode to the airport to get the rental car, I had a very leisurely ride through Kenner, Metarie, and northwest New Orleans to get to the hostel. It was a beautiful sunny spring morning.

I got stuck behind a train in Metarie.

I came into New Orleans on Canal Street. I rode around the French Quarter, then went across town to the hostel.

After checking in and locking up the bike, I strolled over to the Avenue Pub (my favorite bar in New Orleans) to have a Bloody Mary and to wait for Jim.

When Jim showed up, we went out and got boxes (Bayou Bikes and the U-Haul store on Elysian Fields for future reference.) Then it was back to the Avenue Pub for lunch and to watch the Maryland basketball game.

After we got tired of the humbling of the turtle, we walked over to the Quarter.

The first ridiculous sight was this customized Mercedes parked on Bourbon Street.

Note the Buick portholes on the fender. I can't think of a better upgrade for a Mercedes. Better even than the Lambourghini scissor doors. When you lift the hood, there is a shrine to the New Orleans Saints, with each exhaust manifold dedicated to a different player.

The interior is even more amazing. Yes, the leather is *all* ostrich. That's Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video on the big screen. And don't overlook the gearshift lever!

We spent the evening walking around and barhopping. I had some tasty oysters for a snack.

There was a jazz parade for somebody's wedding reception.

I have to say there is no place like New Orleans.

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Jimboblay said...

Always enjoy reading about your tours! Sounds like this one went pretty ell, although a bit depressing for the initial sections.

Are you in shape now?? :^)

This weekend isn't looking to great. May try to ride around BWI Friday (3/27) as I'm taking a leave day...


Drew Roth said...

I'm in shape, and seriously considering the DC Randonneurs' Urbana 200k Saturday.