Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 8 - Kenner, LA

Are we in New Orleans? No. We are at the Motel 6 next to the airport so Jim can conveniently pick up a rental car tomorrow.

Jim is done. I say you didn't ride your bike to New Orleans until you've ridden your bike to New Orleans.

And we had quite a gruesome ride today to get almost to New Orleans where there is lots of fun stuff to do, but not quite. We rode 70 miles, about 60 of them on the "Airline Highway", aka Highway 61, which more often than not does not have a rideable shoulder, so we rode in traffic on what amounts to an interstate.

Dinner was Chinese food in a strip mall a couple blocks from the 6. Entertainment was basketball on TV and Turbo Dogs back at the 6, just 15 miles from the funnest city in America.

We did find some excellent lunch at Friendly Friends' Cafe in Garyville.

This place is in what was once an old post office next to the highway in the middle of nowhere.

We also saw Mr. Hanky along side the road in LaPlace.

There were a few miles where we got to ride along the top of the levee, which was very nice. There is a bike trail about 30 miles out from the center of New Orleans along the levee. You can watch the ships and the barges.

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