Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 5 - Vicksburg, MS

It was a very long day. 92 miles and nearly 9 hours of pedaling. We only got in before dark because of fortuitous tailwinds in the afternoon.

Vicksburg has a very nice historic downtown, with lots of places to eat. Unfortunately, all the motels are outise of town next to a mall. So we wound up at "Garfield's" in the mall. They had Electrolyte Replenishment Therapy, which is alwayys a good thing.

Vicksburg is the end of the Delta. There are hills now, suitable for putting cannons on top and having civil was battles. We rode in past the cemetary, a huge green hillside with thousands of gravestones.

Lunch was at an ice cream stand in tiny Rolling Fork, birthplace of Muddy Waters.

At Rolling Fork, we got on Highway 61. Contrary to my expectations, 61 was fine until we crossed the Yazoo River. Then we had a few miles of divided highway, speed limit 70, and no shoulder. The Mississippi Highway people are complete idiots.

The last highlight was breakfast in Greenville.

This place was in the back of a mostly abandoned shopping center. We were tipped off by all the pickup trucks parked in front.

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