Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 7 - Baton Rouge, LA

Today was all about racking up the miles. 106. That's a lot. We conquored hills in southern Mississippi, and horrible roads and traffic in Louisiana.

The weather was perfect, temperature around 80, and a light tailwind. I'm really beat but I feel good.

No good food today. Breakfast was a Shoney's, where a local cyclist saw our bikes and tipped off to the terrific oscure back road that kept us off Highway 61. Lunch was fried chicken at a gas station in Centerville, MS, which turned out to be the best meal of the day. Dinner was at Appleby's across from the 6 here in Baton Rouge; it was horrid, with the typical train wreck service of Appleby's.

The entire state of Louisiana is a dump. It was all logging trucks all day, and in Louisiana they didn't build the roads to handle a loping trucks every 2 minutes. The pavement is wrecked.

But we pesevered and did 106 miles. We can spend most of Saturday having fun in New Orleans.

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